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Introducing “Go HK2UK” – a new 360° service for people moving from Hong Kong to the UK

08th March 2021

By David Snelling

Moving from Hong Kong to the UK can be a daunting prospect, but there is now a new 360° service, designed to make the process easier.

Moving from Hong Kong to the UK is not a venture you will take lightly. As well as the financial challenges outlined for you in this article there are a myriad of other issues that can easily complicate the process if not dealt with properly.

This is even the case if you will be returning home after a relatively short stay.

The financial side can be stressful enough but, on top of that, there are the property details, both buying and selling, as well as the considerations concerning your family, such as what school or university to attend.

If you’re Asian and moving to the UK for the first time, the cultural differences can also be daunting. This is even more so if you’re starting a new job in a new office with new work colleagues.

True, many people will get support from their employer, but the anecdotal evidence we have heard is that, while helpful, this can often be cursory and based on a standardised “one size fits all” checklist rather than considering the personal requirement of an individual and his or her family.

If only there was a dedicated service to help manage the whole moving process…

Well, now there is!

“GoHK2UK” – a new 360° migration service
Charlton House has joined with a group of fellow business professionals from the different management sectors to set up “GoHK2UK” – a dedicated migration service to those resettling from Hong Kong to the United Kingdom.

We have set up a planning service to help create a seamless strategy to help you and your family relocate. We’ll work with you to ensure it’s a bespoke plan, designed specifically to meet all your needs.

Our group includes individuals and companies with strong links to Hong Kong and the UK. This means that we understand and account for any potential cultural sensitivities and are well-positioned to guide and protect you and your family’s long-term interests.

Our team of recognised professionals work to the highest ethical and regulatory standards and all have long-standing reputations within both Hong Kong and UK markets (and globally).

We will collaborate to ensure that our joined-up association provides clients with a seamless 360° migration service across all areas of the relocation and settlement process.

Meet the GoHK2UK team

Here is a quick overview of the companies involved in the GoHK2UK venture.

Legal services – Bowers Law

Bowers Law is an independent Hong Kong law firm. They have abandoned traditional hourly rate billing, and charge only fixed, staged, and retainer fees. This provides clients with certainty and value for high quality legal services, including for immigration services.

The firm’s UK-based immigration consultant is dual UK and Hong Kong qualified, and so perfectly placed to advise on and help process UK visa applications by Hong Kong individuals and their families as part of their permanent migration from Hong Kong to the UK.

Education services – ITS Education Asia

ITS Education Asia provide learning and counselling services in Hong Kong, available in person at our school or online in our virtual classroom.

People moving to the UK will particularly benefit from our long-standing history of accreditation and great results, with bodies such as UCAS, Pearson, the British Council, as well as multiple schools and universities.

Lifestyle and education – Panoba

Panoba are UK education and lifestyle management consultants for foreign businesspeople. Our professional concierge approach enables clients to focus on their affairs overseas, while effectively dealing with their child’s educational journey, and all that comes with such a life chance, in the UK.

Global mobility – Farnham Castle Intercultural Training

Farnham Castle Intercultural Training specialise in an aspect of emigrating from Hong Kong to the UK that many people overlook.

We are cultural training specialists supporting global businesses and international businesspeople. We help train people to communicate and work more effectively internationally and across different cultures, to build more successful business relationships.

Property – Complete RPI

Established in 2001, Complete RPI provide a unique approach to the search approached to the search, acquisition, letting and management of UK real estate.

With offices in Hong Kong and the UK complemented by multilingual staff with experience as British nationals overseas, Complete RPI are well positioned to guide clients through the relocation process.

All of us involved with GoHK2UK are confident that it will provide a bespoke service for anyone moving from Hong Kong to the UK – from initial idea right through to you and your family settling in and getting comfortable with your new life, ready to face a new set of challenges.