Executive Assistant/Head of BDA

Email Kim Amos / +44 1932 568 877

Kim joined Complete RPI in September 2017 as Head of Company Administration to collaborate with all departments in various aspects of internal processes, communications and documentation.  Due to her commitment and efficiency, in October 2019 Kim accepted the role of Executive Assistant to support Rupert with his day-to-day running of the Company.  In September 2020 Kim took on additional responsibility and became Head of Business Development Administration, ensuring the efficiency and smooth running of the department.  Kim continues to support Rupert in her role as Executive Assistant.

Previously, Kim was also responsible for Corporate branding, as well as the administrative support of our Website and client Online Tracker.

In addition, Kim worked with clients to ensure the process of letting or selling their property was as smooth and hassle free as possible, by delivering exceptional service and transparency.

Kim brings with her a wealth of experience, having had a wide-ranging career in administration, IT and Customer Service functions, working with resources and processes to provide an excellent customer experience in a variety of UK and International companies.